This little page gives a short description of the various projects as well as the main musical targets.


- Icone:
The 'main' project, mostly focusing on epic, emotional trance. Most of the time lots of sweeping pads, plucky synths and distinctive leads.

- Van Gelder:
My project focusing on heavier sounds, big basslines, big breaks (strings, choirs, pads) and heavy leads.

- Blue Manta:
This alias makes use one of my favourite elements in trance: the piano. Mostly a softer approach, while staying true uplifting trance.

- Anteca:
Variation on the main themes, by introducing some more balearic touches.

- The Elemental:
This project differs a bit from the others because I like to use some different sounds for it. Different bass patterns, percussion patterns and song structures.

- Lightworks:
My old trance project, signed to Xing Records to bring you pure, unadultered uplifting trance.

- Infinite Streams:
My old hard trance project, similar in style to Shokk, Flutlicht, Dumonde and the like.

Collaboration projects:

- Skunk Works:
Collaboration project between Steven Lowe and myself. Mostly darker trance with a 'deeper' feeling.

- Perspective:
Collaboration project between Bryan Kearney and myself. Has its own 'bleepy' sound to it, alongside strong saw pads and leads.