Short story
I've always been somebody that always had to be busy with something and paying full attention to what I was doing. Things I kept myself busy with were typical kids stuff, like LEGO, playing soccer or basketball with friends, riding my bicycle, playing video games, watching movies, etc.

I finished primary school very nearby my current residence, in a cosy neighborhood school where almost everybody knew each other. Secondary grade I followed in the city (Leuven - Louvain). As for higher studies, I turned to industrial engineering at Group T. I've finished my studies at that school, doing my thesis together with a colleague from school, at IMEC.
Currently I'm working as a Principal Engineer at Donaldson, a worldwide leader in (industrial) filtration solutions.

On the musical side of things, I've been producing trance music since 2001 and listening to trance since 1995-1996. I first started experimenting with small, very standard programs like Technomaker and MixMaster Pro, which made me got the hang of producing. Until present day, I've been using FL Studio as my DAW, which has stolen my heart for producing... With the right vst plugins, sample collections, patience and experience through practice and experimenting, it's a wonderful, versatile tool to work with.

I currently have quite a few releases out. Hopefully, there'll be even more to follow, so Icone can be "an icon for trance music" ;-)

Musical Biography (generic)